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How to get a German passport

Muhammad Yassin passport Germany

Every year over 40,000 migrants arriving in Germany do a German citizenship test. 33 questions have to be answered, of which at least 17 must be correct.

Here is a sample of the types of questions, carefully and cleverly chosen to highlight key differences between how the autocratic societies from which many migrants are likely to have come function, and how German society functions.

Question 1:

In Germany people are often allowed to say something against the government because…

A  There is religious freedom here.

B  People pay taxes.

C  People have the right to vote.

D  There is freedom of opinion here.


Question 2:

What is compatible with the German constitution?

A  Corporal punishment.

B  Torture.

C  Death penalty.

D  Punishment by fine.


Question 3:

Two friends want to go to an open-air swimming pool. Both are dark-skinned and are therefore not allowed in. Which right has been violated in this situation? The right to…

A  Freedom of opinion.

B  Equal treatment.

C  Freedom of assembly.

D  Freedom of movement.


Question 4:

Which right belongs to the basic rights which are guaranteed according to German constitution:

A  Freedom of belief and conscience.

B  Maintenance.

C  Work.

D  Accommodation.

Question 5:

What does it not say in German constitutional law:

A  Human dignity is sacrosanct.

B  Everyone should have the same amount of money.

C  Every person is allowed to give his opinion.

D  Everyone is equal before the law.


Question 6:

Elections in Germany are free. What does that mean?

A  One can accept money to vote for a specific candidate.

B  Only people who have never been in prison can vote.

C  The voter cannot be influenced or forced to vote for a particular candidate.

D  All people entitled to vote must cast their vote.


Question 7:

Where in Germany do you go to inform yourself about political topics?

A  Security department of the local municipality.

B  Customer head office.

C  National head office for political education.

D  Churches.


Question 8:

What kind of living is not allowed in Germany?

A  A man and woman are divorced and live with new partners.

B  Two women living together.

C  A single father living with his two children.

D  A man married to two wives at the same time.


Question 9:

What does one need in Germany for a divorce?

A  The consent of the parents.

B  A doctor’s certificate.

C  The consent of the children.

D  The guidance of a lawyer.


Question 10:

A young woman wants to get her driving licence. She is afraid of the test because German is not her mother tongue. What is right?

A  She must live in Germany at least 10 years before she can get her driving licence.

B  She cannot get her driving licence if she does not know German.

C  She must get her driving licence in the country of her mother tongue.

D  She can perhaps do the theory test in her mother tongue. It is on offer in more than 10 languages.

(Source: The Rhein-Neckar Zeitung of 25/26 July 2015)

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Germany granted asylum to over 41,000 in 2014, more than 30,000 of them Syrian. Britain has taken 187 Syrian refugees to date, 1.5% of Germany’s acceptance rate.



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