Syria and Turkey commentary

A House in Damascus

From Our Own Correspondent piece: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0368kp4  Radio piece 4 minutes

From Our Own Correspondent full text – Syria’s Silent Majority

Restored Damascene courtyard houseDamascus June 2011 061Damascus June 2011 041Damascus June 2011 023Damascus June 2011 027Traditional Damascene tiles used decoratively in house restoration

Since writing this piece the ‘peoples’ committees’ (also called ‘reconciliation committees’ or more accurately ‘neighbourhood militias’) have grown in number within the Old City, raising tensions among the residents. They fear that these militias, often very young and always heavily armed, far from ‘protecting’ the Old City, will only bring the fight closer into the centre.

The radio piece begins at 6 minutes in from the programme start and lasts 4 minutes.

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